Welcome to AMDHosting.com

thomasI’m Thomas, a blogger, tech enthusiast and the founder of this website.

I own and manage multiple websites. When I first started with my online venture I was struggling finding the right web hosting provider. I knew from the start, that I will build an online empire and want to have more than one website.

Obviously, I was looking for web hosting plans, which allowed hosting multiple websites.

Over the years, I’ve tried out a handful of web hosting companies. Some of them were garbage, while others performed really well for me.

I’ve created this website to help new bloggers and webmasters to get started quickly and easily. Here, on AMDHosting, I share my experience about different web hosting companies I use, which allow hosting multiple websites.

If you need help choosing the right hosting provider, please shoot me an email! I’m keen to help you out. Just send me some details about your project(s), and I will recommend a host that will be right for your needs.