5 Best Web Hosting for Travel Blog


Any travel blog needs a reliable hosting service that assures great performance for the site. How can you choose the best fitting service for yours? This is what we will talk about in today’s article.

I will tell you about the 5 best web hosting providers you can find online. Any of these can prove to be a reliable companion for your travel blog. In the end, you’ll know how to choose the right fit for your specific blogging site.

At first, I will talk about all 5 companies separately, and cover what they offer in terms of web hosting. The next thing will be to help you choose the best fit for yourself.

1. HostGator

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HostGator is the first company on our list. They are based in the USA, but they provide services on a global scale. One of the main aspects that people like about this company is the fact that they are cheap.

Even compared to others in this article, HostGator is probably the cheapest web hosting provider. But does this mean that they are not as good as the others? No, not at all. That’s because every hosting plan they offer, will include all the needed features to host a website efficiently.

And that’s not all. The customer support at HostGator is literally award-winning. But what about the hosting itself? They offer all kinds of hosting services, but for a travel blog that is at the beginning of its career, the shared hosting service is best.

It comes in 3 different packages or plans. The first and second plans are best for starters, but it’s better if you choose the 3rd plan called Business. It costs $5.95/month, and it gives you enough space to grow your blog.

All the following features are included in the plan: unlimited domain for hosting, unlimited SSD storage (very important) and bandwidth, free SSL certificate for a secure website, free SEO tools to help you get noticed on the web, 99.9% uptime guarantee and many others.

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2. InMotion Hosting

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InMotion is another American company who provides all types of hosting service for all types of needs. Since that’s the case, shared hosting is one of the service available on the official website.

They are not as cheap as HostGator, but even so, the services are top-notch. I must mention that InMotion is among the top candidates when it comes to customer support. They are famous for it. The support team will help you get started and if a problem surfaces, you’ll get a quick and efficient solution from them.

Shared hosting comes in the following 3 plans:

  • Launch: $5.99/month
  • Power: $7.99/month
  • Pro: $13.99/month

The most popular plan is the second one, the Power plan. It includes all you could ever want for your blog: free domain name, unlimited website/disk space/bandwidth/email addresses, 4x better performance compared to the first plan (CPU cores and RAM), free SSL certificate, marketing tools and premium support. Also, your blog will be online all the time without interruptions.

It’s worth noticing that InMotion comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. Most companies will only give you 30 or 45 days. But with InMotion you have plenty of time to test your new hosting service.

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3. BlueHost

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If you want to sign up at one of the most popular web hosting companies on the globe, Bluehost is your choice. They are one of the most heavily marketed hosts on this list. But that doesn’t mean they are less reliable compared to the others. On the contrary.

Bluehost offers every kind of hosting service you could think of: VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, shared hosting and reseller hosting. Since you own a travel blog, it’s quite likely that you’re using WordPress as the base platform.

If that’s the case, as you can see from above, Bluehost makes available a dedicated WordPress hosting service. You might want to consider this, because WordPress itself is recommending Bluehost. They are among the most reliable WordPress hosting providers in the world.

Shared hosting is also among the top services you can get from Bluehost. They offer it in 4 separate plans. The best one for a growing travel blog would be the Choice Plus package.

This is the 3rd plan, and it comes for a monthly $5.95. All the must-have features are included in it, but you also get some additions that many companies give only for a charge: Domain Privacy, Spam Experts and Site Backup.

Site Backup is especially great. Almost every company charges a fee for automatic backups. But using this plan, Bluehost will offer them for free. If anything bad happens to your blog, you can restore it to a previous version with only a few clicks.

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4. A2Hosting

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A2Hosting is best known for providing fast hosting services for reasonable prices. This means that every hosting service is crafted to give your visitors a quickly loading website. A travel blog is no different in this area.

You don’t want your visitors to wait around an “hour” for the content to be loaded in the browser. Studies show that a big portion of potential visitors will leave a website if it won’t load in less than 2, or at most 3 seconds. Of course, you don’t want that to happen.

A2Hosting developed a feature called Turbo. This is available in the 3rd shared hosting package on the official website. It will make sure your website loads as quickly as possible. Actually, using this option, your blog will be able to load its contents up to 20x faster than using traditional means.

The 3rd plan is called Turbo as well. It comes for $9.31/month. Besides the Turbo tool, you also get the following features included in the package: support for unlimited websites, unlimited databases/storage/data transfers, cPanel for site management, free SSL certificate, A2 Site Accelerator and anytime money back guarantee.

It’s also worth mentioning that A2Hosting will freely transfer your existing website to them. If your travel blog is already online, but you need a new hosting provider, this feature will come in handy.

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5. FastComet

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FastComet stands out from the other candidates on this list, because they offer managed hosting for many different platforms. For example, you can find dedicated WordPress hosting among the other service. But, if you use something different than WordPress, Joomla for instance, they also have dedicated Joomla hosting.

However, for a regular travel blog, that doesn’t need a specific hosting package, the shared plans will do just fine. These come in 3 different packages, as you’d expect by now. The best one for hosting a growing travel blog is the second plan called ScaleRight.

You can get it for a monthly $5.95. Unlike the other 4 companies, FastComet does not offer unlimited storage space. Instead, with every plan you get a specific amount of space dedicated to your needs.

The second plan has 25GB of SSD storage ready for use. This is more than enough for most travel blogs. Even if you have lots of pictures, you won’t fill the whole storage.

A free domain is included too, with the possibility to have an unlimited number of visitors. For expanding your blog in the future, this option is great because it isn’t limiting you down.

Every other feature needed to have a well-performing site, is included in the plan as well.

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Choosing the Right Hosting for Travel Blog

Now that you know about the 5 best hosts in the business, you should know how to pick the right choice. All of them are top-level hosting providers. But the truth is, there isn’t a hosting plan to fit every need a user might have. So, what could you do?

An efficient method would be this: make a list with all the options and bonuses you expect to have included in the perfect plan. Also, think about the price you’re comfortable paying for it.

When it’s done, go through all the hosting service I listed in this article. It’s best if you go to the official website of each company.

See for yourself which features that you wrote down are present in certain hosting plans. If you find one that covers most of them properly, and also comes close to your budget, you probably found the best choice.


We reached the end of today’s article. Let’s recap quickly what we talked about.

At first, I told you that a travel blog needs to have a hosting provider that meets every requirement for the blog to work at its peak performance. To help you look for such a company, I talked about the best hosting providers on the globe.

Any of these can prove to be a reliable hosting service for a travel blog. Of course, you have to be the one making the decision.

If you know what your blog needs to possess, and how it will look in the near future, you can make a good choice. Just try the method I told you about. Doing a list with all the features you want and the price you want to pay, will help you make the decision easier.

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