6 Best Website Builder for Multiple Domains


Website builders are the very best solution to building your website, without having to spend a dime on hiring a professional developer.

The only tricky part is deciding on the particular website builder to suit your website type, amongst the numerous website builders in the market

With this post, I’ll try to give you some major pointers to check and decipher which builder would be most suitable for your website. The pros and cons of the variously selected builders will be discussed.

Compatibility with Your Growth Plan

You have to consider what the future holds for your blog website. To what extent would you be adding new updates to your website? Would you need to introduce additional blogs to compliment your blog?

I would take into consideration the future of my blog. Asides the possibility of overshooting your hosting subscription plan limit, you might eventually become limited also as to how to tweak your blog to better accommodate your entire horizon in the future

Which Website Builder Would be Easier to Handle for You?

More than 70% of website builders nowadays offer the drag and drop feature, which has been a super savior to non-techy savvies like me. Asides the drag and drop tool, there are some other features that make the site builder easier to handle, some of which include:

You should select a builder that can customize your blog website page with the drag and drop feature to your utmost satisfaction. You can also adjust the colors, layouts, text fonts, widgets, and navigation menus to suit your convenience on some of the builders. You can also edit the properties of some items in the preview section by clicking on them.

Hopefully, you would be able to see one that encompasses all the features you desire. Well, you should! Just relax and go through each of their properties.

What is Drag & Drop Website Building?

Drag and drop features are page builder plugins that are available on WordPress and several other blog hosting websites. They assist you in customizing your site, by moving, editing and tweaking with some graphical elements on your builder application, without even breaking a sweat on writing a code language

The drag and drop feature could be in the form of images, parallax backgrounds, slides, multiple columns, and so on. When these elements are comfortably manipulated, they help you achieve your desired website page layout.

Website Builders and Speed!?

You also have to note that speed requirement is of the essence to you as a selection basis for the sake of your users. Hence, you have to choose the builder that speeds up your website, alongside improve your page views and customer satisfaction.

Nobody likes like their time being wasted. When a site loads very slowly, there is a high probability of a user getting off the site. Therefore, it is very essential for marketers to have a rapid performance site. Neither should personal blog owners subscribe to a slow processing builder. Nah!

Flexibility of Website Builder

What more could be desired from a page builder, than for it to maintain its dynamicity. You might want to make changes to your page properties, your themes, or the general layout later in the future.

Therefore, you need a page builder that will be flexible enough to allow changes and optimization of your page layout.

For the essence of this article, I will be discussing majorly, a website builder that has all the desirable features to bring out the best of your website page.

Weebly has retained an esteemed reputation for as long as I can remember, as one of the best website builders in the market. After taking their platform for a spin, I was fully convinced and I simply concluded that they are the best for my taste out of all the rivals out there.

The builder is quite easy to use and very user-friendly, creating an online store is a piece of cake, their features give room for elegantly mobile friendly designs, the response time (speed) is quite commendable, and finally, their service is quite affordable.

Best Website Builders on the Market

Here are the 6 best website builders out there that are also commendable and might suit your website type:

  1. Weebly
  2. SiteBuilder
  3. Wix
  4. Site123
  5. Squarespace
  6. uCraft

1. Weebly

Weebly is a website builder that comes fully hosted, and with a bunch of pre-built software for easy handling and great features. It is impressively easy to use this builder, with a bunch of elegant designs.

Within five to ten minutes, the most technologically unlearned person would get the handle over tweaking with the variety of features offered by the site builder.

Variety of features to tweak with

There is a whole lot of professional themes, from which you can select a template that would suit your website style. All you need do is choose your desired theme and tweak it to conform to your satisfaction using the drop and drag features, live editors, etc.

Very simple to handle and customize

It’s quite simple to develop your website page with Weebly, especially with the well-structured, step by step guidance provided as you journey with the builder

The drag and drop plugin available on Weebly allows you to customize every component of your site without having to use any form of coding language.

Perfectly suitable for online marketers

Weebly site builder comes with inbuilt support for marketing and e-commerce. Therefore, online stores and market platforms are easily built using the Weebly builder with little or no stress.

Note that Weebly charges 3% transaction fees on every purchase made through your store. However, an upgrade to the business plan would eradicate these additional charges.

Incredibly elegant features

It also comes with other inbuilt features that allow you to add features to your website without any complicated setup, some of which include the sliders, the contact forms, the media galleries, and so on.

Also featured are the fonts customization option, parallax and stunningly clear display of videos and images, image editor, video backgrounds, search engine optimization, and various other elegant features that bring out the best output for your website page.

The outcome of a Weebly built website is always a beauty to behold on any kind of device.

Constrained functionalities

However, Weebly is a fully hosted blog website, therefore you are limited only to the features provided by them. Alien functionalities to boost your web page cannot be entertained.

Therefore, you do not need to waste your time hiring a professional developer or designer to help you add some new functionalities to your website. In other words, you are constrained only to use Weebly features.

Simply basic plans

Weebly comes with a very basic free plan. The pricing plan starts from $8 per month. The pro plan goes for $12 and the business plan goes for $25. All these plans are however billed annually.

2. SiteBuilder

Despite being new to the site building market, this builder offers an exceptional offer that makes them stand out amongst their competitors. Their intuitive and straightforward style makes them so attractive to users.

They also support e-commerce store and allow for customization and additional features. They offer fast customer service and high-speed page responsiveness. It is suitable for beginners and experts alike.

3. Wix

Wix website builder has an extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface, with the famous drag and drop plugin feature. With their consecutive refining over the years, Wix offers you simple, smooth and exceptionally satisfying site building experience.

Wix builder comes with over 300 themes and templates to conveniently choose from, and several other unique features like the image filters, video templates, extensive blog and help center, and several others.

4. Site123

This builder is a balance between the experts and beginners in site building. Beginners have the option of customizing their site with the drag and drop option while the experts have the vast option of customizing their own website further with hands-on controls (coding).

Site123 comes with several hundreds of themes and templates you can conveniently tweak with. It also comes with a live editor, which is very easy to use when building your site.

5. Squarespace

Although very expensive, Squarespace is another builder that offers very high-quality templates and themes for creating beautiful designs. Squarespace comes with a free domain for the first year, as well as privacy settings (which you can choose to purchase on an annual basis).

The website’s code can be manipulated. Thereby giving room for new opportunities to those that are skilled in coding. Although Squarespace is not so user-friendly, it is very suitable for those that want to run a graphic content or some kind of creative website.

6. uCraft

uCraft is yet another new to the market builder. Just like SiteBuilder and Wix, navigation is really easy on this web builder. Even a novice can find his/her way around the builder interface.

Sadly, uCraft is a little bit inferior to its competition when it comes to customization and special sophisticated features. Even though the available themes are not too bad, the raw coding formats offered by other top website builders is found wanting in the features available.

Although uCraft’s has scarce special features, it offers a budget-friendly price to customers, as well as getting their website completely ready for operation right on time.


I hope this article helps you decide which website builder would be much more suited for your website type, computer coding literacy, and taste. You may also want to see our analysis on the best WordPress builder for multiple domains.

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