5 Best WordPress Site Builder for Multiple Websites


Searching for the best suitable WordPress site builder plugin for multiple domain names can be a tedious task because there is a flowing river of options to choose from. Many WordPress beginners have trouble with changing or customizing their site page layouts.

Although a lot of premium WordPress themes come with varieties of page layouts, they may be too advanced for a non-tech savvy, a blogger who doesn’t have any prior coding experience (CSS / HTML).

Therefore, the major criteria for selecting these few of the numerous WordPress page builders as the best are ease of use, the design output, and the flexibility.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best page builders for WordPress in the market.

Therefore, most of these beginners would rather settle for a page builder with the drag and drop feature.

What is a Drag & Drop WordPress Site Builder?

These features are page builder plugins available on WordPress and certain other blog hosting websites. They allow you to customize every component of your site without having to use any form of coding language.

This feature could be in the form of parallax backgrounds, images, slides, multiple columns, and so on. These elements can then be combined together in a variety of ways to build the desired page layout.


You also have to note that speed requirement is of the essence to you as a selection basis for the sake of your users. Hence, you have to choose the builder that speeds up your website, alongside improve your page views and customer satisfaction.

Online users like myself don’t like their time being wasted. When a site loads very slowly, there is a high probability of the user getting off the site. Therefore, it is very essential for marketers to have a rapid performance site.


What more could be desired from a page builder, than for it to maintain its dynamicity. You might want to make changes to your page properties, your themes, or the general layout later in the future.

Therefore, you need a page builder that will be flexible enough to allow changes and optimization of your page layout.

1. BoldGrid

BoldGrid is a new and independent kind of WordPress website builder. It is a fully hosted website builder that can stand on its own. BoldGrid is a free premium site builder that comes alongside InMotion hosting plan.

Once you sign up with InMotion hosting website, you can get a BoldGrid builder for free. And you can use the BoldGrid builder on multiple domains.

Reliable CMS Foundation

Despite the fact that WordPress is often regarded as the easiest Content Management System (CMS) to use, it can quickly become confusing and frustrating for a newcomer, hence the need for a relatively simpler creation tool, the BoldGrid builder.

BoldGrid is built on top of WordPress so you can get full advantage of WordPress with the customized user experience. From the website, you are allowed to choose a professional theme design of your choice from the vast gallery.

BoldGrid is Easy to Use

You can then customize your page with the drag and drop feature to your utmost satisfaction. The colors, layouts, text fonts, widgets, and navigation menus can be adjusted. You can also edit the properties of any item in the preview section by clicking on them.

You own Your Website with BoldGrid

Unlike most free website builders, BoldGrid allows you 100% ownership and absolute control over your site. Isn’t that amazing!

You get a reliable building structure; as it is mounted on the topmost hosting website, the WordPress, you get to REALLY own your own website, and lastly, you can build your website with relative ease; without worrying much about cracking your skull while coding or going through the painful stress of learning new coding skills!

BoldGrid is Beginner Friendly

BoldGrid provides a relatively simpler and intuitive impression to beginners than the WordPress, especially with the presence of its drag and drop feature.

Other features like free elegantly prebuilt themes, articulate templates and modules and many more make the site livelier and easier to tweak with.

BoldGrid is Fast

Alongside offering you simpler handling operations, elegant layout, and optimum flexibility, BoldGrid offers you a perfectly responsive and rapid processing website.

The layouts are packaged with style and saved carefully on other pages and sites, and the gallery pictures are conveniently harvested from Flickr and Fotolia image banks, with integrated Application Programming Interface (API).

This streamlined workflow makes the builder an impressively responsive and mobile friendly one.

And miscellaneous…

The other packages that come with BoldGrid include of course free domain, 90-days zero risk Guarantee, 24/7 Support service, Built-in staging, and a simple SEO friendly site.

Some other website page builders that are quite notably good for their distinctions are briefly discussed below:

2. Elementor

This is the very first open source and free advanced page builder for WordPress. It has a drag and drop builder, which makes editing possible from the front end of your site. Elementor is very easy to use and has a very high-speed reputation.

There is a live editing plugin option, which means you will be able to see your page settings change as you edit them. The Elementor page builder is so fast and responsive that you’ll immediately notice the changes applied on your blog page.

Several WordPress templates by superior designers are available on Elementor, and they can be exported to other websites.

It also has some other cool features like Zapier integration; used for integrating your site with a third party application, canvas; where you can build a new landing page that is optimized for high conversions, and also the maintenance mode; where you can decide to shut down your site for maintenance purpose.

With the several ready-to-use templates that come with the Elementor, you can just simply point and click to edit any item on your webpage and customize it to your own taste via the content page builder plugin in the market. It is extremely easy to use, super-fast, and it comes with a bunch of templates.

Elementor page builder pricing starts from $49 for a single site license.

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver is a drag and drops WordPress page builder, and it is one of the best! Without any coding skill, you can create your website the way you desire by using the drag and drop tool.

It comes with numbers of beautiful page templates; hence you can easily start your website design without worrying about starting from scratch. You can later decide to adjust the texts, change the images and any other thing you desire before publishing.

Beaver Builder goes along with any WordPress theme, thereby affording you the luxury of having absolute control over all your contents.

4. Divi Builder

Divi is also another commendable WordPress builder with the drag and drop tool. The Divi Builder comes with an elegant plugin and beautiful themes company. It is extremely easy to use and comes with an over 30 layouts theme, which makes it so easy to tweak with in order to get the very best of your desire.

Divi Builder also gives you the chance to design the best and most articulated layout without having to deal with coding language. It is compatible with almost every WordPress page builder.

The plugin is so elegant that it can be used to create almost any type of website. With the articulated design settings, you can customize to a great length almost all elements present on the page.

With the themes, you can make real-time changes in your design with the frontend editor. Without switching back and forth from on your site page, your pages can be updated from the front end, via the front end editor.

However, a lot of shortcodes are used by the Divi page builder, which makes it quite difficult to switch page builders or themes later in the future.

The pricing for a Divi page builder starts from $69 per annum, which a good price when compared with the quality.

5. Themify Builder

For the WordPress themes asides Themify themes, you can get the Themify Builder plugin. However, the Themify page builder comes with the WordPress theme by Themify.

This highly instinctive and easy to use page builder comes with several ready to use templates that you can add to your blog posts or web pages. Many of these templates usually require you to install separate WordPress plugins.

Themify Builder allows you to edit your pages from the admin area as well as from your live site. With live editing, you get to see exactly how your changes will appear on the site. Apart from that, Themify Builder comes with ready-to-use layouts that you can quickly apply to your page.

Despite the fact that the Themify builder comes with promising features, its use can be so frustrating and discouraging due to some complexities at some point in time. You can get nearly everything from the Themify builder in Site Origin page builder for free.

The pricing for Themify page builder starts from $39


Then, which is the best builder of them all?

Based on the comparison between the different builders, it is obvious that almost all the builder plugins out there have the drag and drop feature, and most also have a live editor. But it is very much obvious that BoldGrid is the best of them all.

You might say I’m biased, but just consider the fact that it combines all the major desirable features that a rookie might want in a page builder, and also the very fact that it offers a perfectly comfortable stage for the professionals out there!

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