Can You Host Multiple Websites on CloudWays?


Do you own multiple websites? If yes, you need an efficient hosting service to handle all of them. Simply put, this the subject of today’s article.

In this article you will learn about the following:

  1. How to host multiple websites efficiently.
  2. Why host multiple websites with one service.
  3. Multiple Website Hosting with CludWays.

In short, you can host multiple websites at CloudWays. But there are few things to consider, before choosing a plan. Below, I will help you decide on which plan is right for your needs, and will also give you few tips on how to save some money.

Let’s start with the first main subject.

Multiple Website Hosting

You might think that hosting more than one website is too complicated. Many people think the same. What is the reason behind this thought? Just think about it a little.

Most people figure that if you own multiple websites, let’s say 10, then you also need to sign up for 10 hosting services too. After all, there is some logic to this. However, there is a much better method for hosting even 10 websites efficiently. I will tell you about it right now.

You can sign up for a single hosting plan, and use it to host all your websites. This is possible, even if you have many sites with thousands of monthly visitors.

This being the case, you still have to look for a reliable hosting plan that can handle it. Why? Well, not every hosting plan was built to support more than 1 website in it. You must search for one that will stand up to how many sites you have.

But when you find it, how can you host multiple websites using it? The basic process is pretty much the same, no matter the company at hand.

The first thing you need to do, is to go through the whole sign up process. When all of that is finished, usually you have one website that uses the service. You need at least one, to be able to sign up in the first place.

After that, depending on the plan you chose, it will let you add 2, 3 or even more websites to your account. This is done by only clicking a button. Mostly, it has the right text written on it (e.g. Add New Site), so you won’t miss it by accident.

After clicking the button, you have to go through all the steps the section puts you through. However, everything will be laid out simply, so you’ll know what to do on spot. You can add new websites by buying new domain names, or transfer already existing ones to this newly bought service.

Managing all your domain names will be easy too. All is handled in one place, in the control panel.

Now that you know how to host multiple websites in a single account, you should know why it’s worth doing so:

Why Host Multiple Websites in One Account?

There is a main reason why people seem to like the idea of hosting multiple websites using just one service/account. This reason is the pricing. Quite obvious, but even so, it is worth mentioning.

Let’s take an example, to understand better what we’re talking about. We’ll assume that you have 5 websites created, that all need hosting to go live on the web. From what we talked about above shows, that there are at least 2 methods to get it done.

The first is this one: you can buy a new hosting plan for each of the 5 websites separately. If the hosting costs a monthly $5 for each website, you’ll pay $25 in total for these sites. That is a yearly $300 only to keep your sites online.

I don’t have to tell you, there’s a better way to handle this. You could only sign up for one hosting plan that supports all 5 websites in it. If the plan costs even as much as $15/month, you would only have to pay $15 for all 5 websites. That is $180 a year. Almost half of the previous amount you’d have to pay.

From this example it’s clearly seen that hosting multiple websites in one account is much more affordable.

The second reason why it’s worth doing this, is the efficiency. After all, if you sign up for only one hosting plan, you’ll have everything in one place for you to manage. Isn’t that better than splitting your websites among many different companies?

This way, you won’t have to learn a new technology every time a new site is launched. You’ll already know your way around in the account you have.

Now it’s time to see what CloudWays has to offer in terms of multi-site hosting.

CloudWays for Multiple Websites

CloudWays is a company from Europe, but known worldwide for its hosting capabilities. They offer special web hosting for all types of different platforms, like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, WooCommerce, Laravel, PrestaShop and other as well.

One of the services you can get, is multiple website hosting. If you look around the official website, you won’t find a dedicated plan for this. However, all their plans support multiple websites, exactly what we need.

CloudWays is a little different when it comes to hosting. Most websites are offering their services in different tier plans. This is what CloudWays does too, but a little differently.

The company offers a lot more personalized plans, than many of the competitors. For instance, you can see 11 plans listed when you check out their pricing. However, I won’t talk about all 11. I will tell you about 2 plans that are good for most users.

DO1 Plan – from $10 / mo

This plan is best if you have 2 or 3 websites that are smaller, but need a reliable hosting service. You can get the plan for a monthly $10. What is it that you receive with it?

To store your data, you get 25GB of SSD storage. This is enough for smaller sites, that don’t have too many media files in use. However, for more complex site, check out the other plan I talk about below.

Also, they give you 1TB of bandwidth. This gives you plenty of space to receive many daily visitors.

To process all the requests made by your visitors, 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU core is added to the package.

The number of applications you can install on a CloudWays server is unlimited. They have a huge variety of popular web apps, WordPress included. This is why you can have an unlimited number of websites in one account.

You can choose from 60 different server locations on the globe. Why is this important? Having your website stored on a server close to your target audience, will grant you better performance. The site being closer to your visitors, it will take less time to load the content.

Studies have shown that many visitors will abandon a website if it won’t load in less than 2 or 3 seconds. You don’t want that to happen, right? So, when signing up for a plan, choose the server location closest to your target audience.

An SSL certificate is included with each hosting plan. To have a secure site, that ranks better in search engines, it’s essential to have an SSL installed. It will encrypt all the sensitive data, thus making your site safe for visitors. Others charge separately for this feature.

DO2 Plan – from $22 / mo

This plan starts at a $22 monthly cost. It is the most popular plan at CloudWays. Obviously, there are some differences between this and the previous plan.

First, you should know that using this package, you can truly have a bunch of websites hosted in your singular account. This is due to the amount of resources the plan grants you access to.

For instance, you get 2GB of RAM and 1 CPU cores. And to handle many visitors at once, you also get 2TB of bandwidth. These will easily stand up to multiple websites.

But what about storage? The SSD drives are still here, but the storage space is risen to 80GB. Such an amount of memory will give you plenty of space to store lots of websites.

Also, every other feature from the previous plan is present here as well.


Finally, you should have a pretty good idea what it means to host multiple websites in a single account. At the beginning of the article I talked how you can host multiple websites in one account and why it’s worth doing so.

You’ve also read why CloudWays is a good choice for hosting multiple websites. I told you about the 2 most likely packages for doing this. Of course, you can check out all the plans available on the official webpage.

The next step is yours. If you find that CloudWays is good enough for you, the next step is to choose a plan that fits your needs.

Just think well about what you want from a reliable hosting plan and also don’t forget to figure out your website’s needs. Every website has certain demands. If you know what they are exactly, you’ll also know which hosting plan from CloudWays suits them best.

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