Can You Host Multiple Websites on GoDaddy?


Today we’ll talk about a popular web hosting and domain retailer from the USA called GoDaddy. Most people who own a domain name, have already heard about this company. They are surely one of the most notable services to provide cheap domain names and reliable hosting.

But in this article, we’ll talk about a certain type of hosting. As you can see from the title, our main subject will be multiple website hosting. More specifically: if you can use GoDaddy to host multiple websites using a single open hosting account.

Before we talk about that, we’ll see why hosting more than 1 website in a single account is beneficial. After that, I’ll talk about the shared hosting services from GoDaddy that come with the possibility to host multiple websites in a single account.

Why Host Multiple Websites on a Single Account?

You might think that hosting more than 1 website is a hard thing to do. Well, not necessarily. Why? Because you can host even an unlimited number of websites in a single account. Actually, this is the first benefit why many people try this method.

If you sign up for the right hosting package, you can host multiple websites easily with it. You don’t have to sign up for a hosting plan every time you launch a new website. This is much more efficient.

The next benefit is quite obvious: pricing. Just think about what would happen if you’d sign up for 10 hosting plans to host 10 websites. Each plan could cost $10 separately. That is $100 spent on hosting every single month.

However, if you choose the right hosting plan, you could have 10 websites for the price of one. And this applies in many situations, not just the one I mentioned right now.

Hosting multiple websites in one account has another great advantage. Just think about this: you will start with one website, and you’ll of course get used to the platform at hand. So, if that’s the case, why switch to something else?

Many site owners have websites spread through many services from different companies. That is not very efficient. If you use the same company, the same account, you’ll be more efficient at handling your sites. And that’s because you already know how everything works in that hosting plan.

Sure, there are other advantages too for hosting multiple websites in the same account. But there is one drawback as well. If you don’t choose the right plan, your websites could suffer from a poor performance.

For example, the plan could give you 10GB of storage space for an unlimited number of websites. I don’t have to tell you that’s not enough. You should choose a plan with more resources for having multiple websites set up. This way, every single site will receive a bigger amount of resources. And of course, they will all work better and faster.

Now it’s time to talk about GoDaddy and its plans of shared hosting that support multiple websites:

GoDaddy with Multiple Websites

You can find the shared hosting service in the Web Hosting section on the official website. They offer this service in 4 separate plans. Since the first one only supports 1 website, I’ll skip that and talk about the other 3 packages.

Keep in mind though, that if you need a solid plan for 1 single website, the first plan (Economy) will do well. It has all the features and resources one website is going to need.

But let’s see what the 3 other plans have to offer.

Deluxe Plan

  • Deluxe: This is the second shared hosting package from GoDaddy. You can get it for $4.99/month when you sign up. Does it support multiple websites? Yes, it does. How many? Well, that the good thing about this and all the other plans: you can host an unlimited number of websites using them.

Of course, there are some differences among the plans. So, you should definitely keep that in mind when launching more than one website. What will you get using this plan?

For start, you’ll receive 1-click installs for more than 125 free we applications, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. This is good news for anybody. You can have a website set up in minutes using this process.

Also, the plan includes Linux MySQL database, 24/7 security monitoring with DDoS protection and a user-friendly control panel to manage all your hosting capabilities and websites.

Something interesting about this service (and the other plans too) is that you can buy additional resources, like CPU, RAM and many other. You can make your plan more powerful to suit your needs as you like.

Ultimate Plan

  • Ultimate: As the next plan in GoDaddy’s offering, it costs a little more at $5.99/month. Is it worth the upgrade?

You’ll get all the features and resources from the previous plan included, but additional perks as well. For instance, the processing power (CPU+RAM) is doubled from the Deluxe plan.

There is one huge bonus added: free SSL certificate for a whole year. Why is this so important? Let me explain!

An SSL certificate encrypts all the data exchange that is made between your server and the site users. This is very important, because nobody will be able to access sensible information (like credit card data) while the data is processed or sent from one place to another.

Even search engines rank websites higher in results if they have an SSL certificate installed. So, having one for free is quite an advantage over other hosting providers. Consider that many companies charge separately for SSL certificates.

Free DNS service is also available with an unlimited number of databases. Resolving issues that might come up will be much simpler with the premium DNS. The overall performance is also improved together with the site’s security.

Maximum Plan

  • Maximum: This is the highest plan that GoDaddy offers as shared hosting. You will have to pay $12.99/month at sign-up. Of course, just like before, you get every perk from the previous plan included, plus some bonuses.

For example, you’ll receive twice the processing power from the last package. Because of this feature, you will easily host a big number of websites using this plan. After all, more websites need more power to back them up, right?

There is one other perk too that needs to be mentioned. While you get twice the processing power, the maximum site traffic you can receive is also doubled.

So, you don’t just have the possibility to host an unlimited number of websites, but bigger websites as well. This way, you won’t have to bother with upgrades too soon after sign-up.

Now that I covered every shared hosting plan that supports multiple website hosting, I will tell you about another service that GoDaddy offers. This is optional. If you want just simple web hosting, you don’t have to sign up for the service I’m going to mention.

But it’s totally worth a look. What happens if one of your sites (or multiple ones) happen to go through a problem, and you lose all your data? To make sure in such a scenario you’re safe, GoDaddy comes with a Website Backup service.

No, it’s not free. But it costs only $2,99/month. Using this service, you’ll be relaxed if something bad happens. You can restore your site to what it was with only 1 click. And you know what the best thing is about this service?

It backs up your website every single day. So, if you somehow lose your data, or the entire website, you can restore with 1 click to the version from yesterday anytime. This way, GoDaddy makes sure your work is safe and secure on their servers.

I should mention that every plan described above is a Linux based hosting plan. This is the industry standard and it works best with most user’s needs. But if you’re a programmer or developer who needs specific Windows features (like the .NET language), you can opt for such hosting. GoDaddy lets you choose the platform your website is hosted on.


We reached the end of today’s article. What did we learn from it? In the beginning I gave you some reasons why multiple website hosting is best to be done in the same account. You can greatly cut the costs and it is more efficient too, if you choose the right hosting package for your needs.

I also listed 3 shared hosting plans that GoDaddy makes available. All of the 3, support hosting for an unlimited number of websites. But be sure to choose the right candidate. For a great number of sites, you should go with the 3rd or 4th plan. These will give you enough processing power and features to manage your sites efficiently.

All in all, the choice is yours. Just think well about what your websites need for them to work properly. If you know the answer, you’ll choose wisely the best plan for hosting multiple websites.

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