Can You Host Multiple Websites on HostGator?


Do you have more than one website that needs a good hosting provider? You want to know if HostGator allows you hosting multiple websites? To keep it short:

Yes! At HostGator, you can host multiple websites on a single account. If you want to get a discount, please click the link below:

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In the next part of this article we’ll talk about HostGator’s shared hosting plans that support multiple websites. But before we jump into that territory, let’s see why a shared hosting package is best to start hosting multiple websites.

Why Shared Hosting?

First of all, what is shared hosting? The base difference between web hosting in general and SHARED web hosting, is in the process/method itself. To use shared hosting, you have to upload all your website’s data files on to the server, buy a domain name and set up your website for it to go live on the web.

Here’s where the interesting part is: if you use shared hosting, the server where you uploaded your data files to, will be used by more than only your website. The resources will be split between all the users who have a website on that specific server.

How do you know how much resources you can use? To find out, you just have to look in the description of the plan you chose to purchase. There’s everything written in there.

But why is shared hosting the best idea to host multiple websites? Here are some of the advantages:

  1. It’s cheap. This could be an important factor for many people. Especially if you want to host more than just 1 website. No matter where you look online, every shared hosting plan will be pretty cheap compared to dedicated or VPS hosting. Most prices range from $2,00 to $15-20. Any user can pay this much.

Many people want to earn some money from their websites in the long run. But at first you won’t be doing that. Simply put, you won’t have enough traffic for that. So, it’s a good idea to look for a hosting provider who comes with reasonable prices.

  1. The second advantage with using a shared hosting plan over another type is the fact that you don’t have to possess lots of technical knowledge. All the maintenance is done by the team behind the platform itself. This way, you can concentrate on making your websites stand out from the crowd by customizing them more and more.
  2. The third pro with using shared hosting is the fact that you can use a control panel to manage everything on the site. This is only if you really want to. But when you get more accustomed to using a certain platform, it will surely help you a lot.
  3. The last perk that I’m going to mention here is the possibility to choose from a wider array of features and to upgrade or downgrade on command. Because of the fact that most companies come with 2,3 or even more plans for shared hosting, you can upgrade to a more complex plan anytime you see fit. Maybe your websites have grown in popularity and you need more resources to help maintain the performance. Then upgrade to a higher plan.

About HostGator

Now that you know why shared hosting is best for multiple websites, let’s see what does HostGator offer. First, we’ll list some of the features available, no matter which plan you choose.

  • Free website builder. This is a great addition to HostGator’s package. Why is that? The website builder is a free tool you can use to design your website, the way you want it to look. You have the possibility to choose from more than 100 templates that are all responsive. This means that your website will look good on all devices: smartphones, tablets and PCs as well.

This tool is a free drag-and-drop platform designed to make website creation a piece of cake. You just have to choose a theme that suits your liking, then drag all the sections you need (from the prebuilt ones) on to your website’s layout, add some content and you’re good to go.

  • If you previously had another host, you’ll love this bonus feature. HostGator lets you transfer all your websites for free to any of their hosting plans.
  • Free SSL certificate. This is a tool that makes your website secure for any user who visits it. Nowadays it becomes a mandatory feature, any website must have it. So, HostGator giving it for free is a welcomed perk.
  • Free credits for marketing purposes. More exactly, you get $100 of Google AdWords credit and $100 of Bing Credit.
  • Free 1-click installs of 52 scripts and software.
  • cPanel: this control panel is the industry standard. It’s good HostGator is using it, because it lets you tweak your website to the highest level.

This is an important tool if you want to create an ecommerce site. It lets you add payment processors, shopping carts, forums and other features that are needed to maintain an online shop.

  • Support for CMSs. These include WordPress, Magento, Joomla and Drupal.
  • Automatic daily backups. This is needed for any website. Something could go wrong, no matter the host you use. So, having daily backups made is of paramount importance. This way you can restore to a previous version of the site if anything goes wrong. Many other companies give this feature only for a charge.

HostGator Plans for Hosting Multiple Domains & Websites

Now, we’ll move on, and talk about the different plans HostGator offers. You should know that only the second and third plan support hosting for multiple websites. The first one is only good, if you have one website that needs hosting.

Baby plan: This plan is the second in line. It costs $3,48/month (very cheap). Both this and the next package is supporting unlimited websites for hosting. You heard that right. For only $3,48 every month, you can host an unlimited number of websites. But let’s see some of the features this plan includes:

  • Unmetered bandwidth. Why is this important? If your websites will grow in visitor numbers, you need to be able to accept them all on the site, right? This is where the unmetered bandwidth comes into the picture. You have no limit to how many users can access your website at the same time.
  • Unlimited email accounts. I think it’s quite obvious why this is so important.
  • Unlimited sub-domains. For unlimited main domains, this is a needed addition.

Business plan: The last shared hosting plan they offer comes for a monthly $5,23 fee. Considering that this is their most complex plan, it’s the best deal you can get. It’s still very cheap and it comes with some additional features, along with those from the previous plan.

For example, you can freely upgrade to a positive SSL. But you already have an SSL certificate as a standard feature. Why would you need this? There’s a good reason for that. A Positive SSL will display on your site’s layout a trust seal logo. This is letting your visitors know, they entered a safe environment, where security is put in first place. Besides this trust seal, you also get backed up by a $10K value warranty.

Using this plan, HostGator will allow you to use a dedicated IP address too.

The last thing that comes with this package is quite impressive: a SEO toolkit. This is a $50/year value pack. This toolkit will help you make the first page of Google easier. It comes with a step-by-step SEO plan that is custom made to your personal website. Once you do everything suggested in there, you will receive even more tools and tips on how to become more popular and stand out from the crowd. Knowing they care about this aspect of web hosting too, is a welcomed fact.

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Now that we reached the end of the article, let’s recap what we talked about:

First, I mentioned what shared hosting really is, and why it’s a good choice for hosting multiple websites. I gave you 4 advantages that come with any shared hosting plan:

  • It’s cheap compared to other types of hosting. In HostGator’s case, even cheaper.
  • Not a lot of technical knowledge is required to manage it.
  • A fully-fledged control panel is added to your purchase.
  • The possibility to choose from a huge array of features (multiple plans for almost any host on the web).

Next, we’ve seen that HostGator comes with many bonuses, no matter the chosen package. And after that, you could check out what both shared hosting packages will give you for your money.

Even if something may go wrong, HostGator will give you a refund in the first 45 days from you purchase. So, you have enough time to try out the plan.

Now, it’s your turn. Why, you may ask? Well, you have to choose a plan that best suits your needs. Every site owner has a different kind of need for resources and features. So, think about what you want from a hosting package.

Both of HostGator’s plans that support multiple websites are cheap and have plenty of resources. Just pick the one for you.

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