Can You Host Multiple Websites on InMotion Hosting?


If you want to host multiple websites using 1 single account, then InMotion is one of your best bets for success. So, yes, you can definitely host multiple websites using InMotion Hosting. But how can you do that? That is what we’ll cover in this article. But before we do that, let’s make it clear what type of hosting we are talking about.

As you probably know, the companies who offer web hosting, have many types of services available. For example, if we only mention hosting, here are some of the possibilities:

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • Ecommerce hosting

The idea is, that we’ll talk about shared hosting as a way to host multiple websites in a single hosting account. But why are we talking about shared hosting instead of the other variants? Let me give you some of the advantages for using shared hosting over other types of hosting.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

The first thing that matters to lots of site owners is the price. This is true especially if you’re only just starting out with your sites. Just think about it! Do you want to overpay a service that could even turn out to be unnecessary or too much for your needs? Of course, not! And when you start out with any of your websites, you won’t earn money from it. If you want that, you can do it, but only in the long run. So, it’s best if you look for a service that is affordable and reasonably priced.

That is why shared hosting is great. Out of all the possibilities, this is by far the cheapest and best for new websites. You can pick a shared hosting package for as low as $2 a month. Even the more expensive plans cost $10 or $15. Or anywhere in between that.

The second positive about shared hosting is, that you don’t have to possess a lot of technical knowledge to be able to host one or more websites. There is no technical maintenance required to be done on your end of the server. Everything is handled by the developers and support team behind the chosen hosting service.

The third bonus that comes with choosing shared hosting over another version is the fact that you can upgrade or downgrade anytime you want. Most companies who offer shared hosting, do this by making 2 or 3 separate plans that cost accordingly to the features they contain. For example, in most cases there’s a basic/standard plan that is the cheapest. This one has some features, but if you want more, you can upgrade to a higher level/plan.

This way you can keep the pace with your website’s status. If you’re only just beginning, a cheap plan could be enough. But when your site exceeds the given resources, you have to upgrade to a higher plan.

Now that you know why shared hosting is the best choice, let’s talk about InMotion and if it supports multiple websites in a single account.

About InMotion Hosting

InMotion is a company from the USA. It was founded in 2001 by Todd Robinson and Sunil Saxena. Through the years, it became one of the most popular choices when it comes down to hosting multiple websites. With more than 17 years in the business, they are a good candidate for anyone who’s looking for a hosting provider for many websites.

You should know from the start that all the shared hosting plans they offer support multiple websites in the same single account. But before we move on to check out all the 3 plans, let’s see what are the standard features they offer:

  • Free SSD storage. When we talk about hosting a website, or even multiple ones, a fast hardware is essential. Luckily, InMotion grants access to SSD drives, instead of traditional HDDs. This is good news, because your websites will greatly gain in speed. Any visitor will feel the difference. This is very important, because many sites lose a multitude of its visitors, only because they are not fast enough. InMotion takes care of this, by allowing you to use modern generation SSD drives.
  • Google Apps Integration. This helps to make the most use of modern Google apps. The installation is handled in a simple manner, without the need of much technical knowledge.
  • Free backups for all your sites. This could very well be one of the most important features they provide. Many other hosts only give this for a charge. Having free backups regularly created is essential if something bad happens and you need to re-boot the site.
  • Secure IMAP emailing. Emailing is vital for any website. This secure email tool will help you keep your account clean from the unwanted spammers or hackers.
  • 1-click installer for lots of applications. More than 400 applications are available to install on any of your websites. Even WordPress is one among these.
  • Support for many programming languages. If you’re a web developer, this can be of great help to you. InMotion comes with support for Ruby, MySQL, PHP and other coding tools as well.
  • Free domain. If you choose to pay the hosting for a whole year in advance, you will receive a free domain name for 1 year. This only works if you pay yearly, not monthly, so pay attention to that.

Now, let’s move on, and check out the 3 different plans InMotion is offering. As I already mentioned, all the 3 plans support multiple websites.

InMotion Hosting Plans for Multiple Websites

  1. Launch: This is their first plan. It costs $6.39 every month. For this price, you can host 2 websites in the same single account. If you want to have more than 2, you should go for a higher plan. But for now, let’s see what you get for this price:
    1. Unlimited disk space. As I mentioned above, InMotion is using SSD drives instead of HDDs. Since they give you unlimited storage using SSDs, all your websites will have fast loading times, it does not matter how much data you store on them.
    2. Unlimited bandwidth. This is very important if you have more than 1 website hosted. Why? Because more websites mean more visitors. And since you will receive more visitors, you need to have a big bandwidth to be able to deal with all of them. If you’re thinking long term, then an unlimited bandwidth is essential to grow the sites further.
    3. Unlimited emails. This is quite obvious why it’s important.
    4. Free marketing tools. Here you get visitor statistics and free advertising credits for both sites.
    5. Free SSL certificate. This is becoming mandatory these days. To have a secure connection, and a safe website in general, an SSL is of utmost importance. InMotion giving it for free is a good deal.
    6. Free website builder. This is a drag-and-drop tool that lets you create stunning websites without any technical knowledge. You just have to choose one from the hundreds of pre-built themes, then drag and drop onto the site’s layout all the sections that are needed to make it functional.
  2. Power: This being the second plan, it comes for a higher price: $8.49 / month. As you’d expect, you can host more than 2 websites. Up to 6 websites are supported by this plan. What are the other pros you get with this package? The main bonus is the fact that InMotion gives you 2x more resources for processing power. The RAM is also doubled.
  3. Pro: This plan costs the most: $14.71/month. To launch a lot of websites, this plan is the best choice. You get 4x the performance, compared to the first plan. This is well-needed, to host an unlimited number of websites. Yes, this plan supports an unlimited number of websites. This plan comes with Pro Level Support too.

There is a one more thing, that is great about InMotion’s hosting packs. If you look around online, you’ll find that most companies give you a money back guarantee for 30 or maybe 45 days from when you paid the subscription. With InMotion, you get a 90-day money back guarantee.

This is great, because you have more time to test out all the features that come with any of the 3 shared hosting plans. And since you want a host that is supporting multiple websites, 90 days are even better. If you pay for a whole year ahead (to get better prices and a free domain name) this guarantee is reassuring, because you can get your money back if anything goes wrong.


Now you know that InMotion is capable of hosting multiple websites on a single account. All you need to do, is figure out which one is best for you. To do that, you should think ahead and imagine what you want to accomplish in the future.

If for now 2 websites are enough, just go with the first plan. But if you need more resources, maybe because you already have multiple websites that need hosting, just take the 2nd or 3rd plan. Consider what features you need, and you’ll be able to pick the winner easily.

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