Can You Host Multiple Websites on iPage?


As a beginner, maybe you’ve hosted just a single website till date, but you would like to change your hosting plan because you want to expand your horizon, I will strongly suggest you go with iPage.

IPage offers a wide range of cheap and appealing hosting plans, but its shared hosting happens to be the best part- in terms of costs and features.

iPage is a cheap, super affordable and excellent budget hosting company that also owns the Fatcow hosting, which is known for their impressive service.

But can you host multiple websites at iPage? Actually, how many websites can you add to iPage hosting account?

Yes, you can hosting multiple websites with iPage. In fact, The Essential Plan allows you to host as many websites you want. – Sign up with iPage Now!

Now, that you know the answer, let’s see why you should choose iPage. Below you can find an overview of the company as well as the pros and cons.

Overview of iPage

iPage is obviously a wise option to choose as a low price hosting plan, but are they well suited to satisfy your desires. Here is a brief overview on the general services provided by the iPage company.


  • They offer the most affordable and reliable hosting you can think of.
  • They offer you a free domain name for the first year. After which you’ll have to pay an impressively affordable $14.95 when compared to other host providers.
  • They give you a bonus offer of $500 Free Advertising Credits
  • Their Money-back Guarantee gives you the most reliable and least risky option you can ask for
  • They provide more advanced VPS and Dedicated Server services if you so wish to go for them


  • They do not offer a live support service unlike most of the other hosting companies. You can only send tickets, emails, or contact them by phone.
  • Just like with GoDaddy hosting, you will be bombarded by several upsells during signup
  • Although an iPage plan may seem extremely cheap at the start, their renewal pricing might be a little bit above appropriate.

My Experience with iPage

I’ve had encounters with some users that had just about two to three websites attached to their iPage hosting account, and they had all given positive feedback about the site. But however, those that have continued beyond three have complained about some major setbacks.

It thus infers that the website performance decreases as the number of extra domains attached to a hosting account increase. Therefore, you are better off choosing another hosting platform if you intend running more than three multiple websites.

Money Back Guarantee

iPage offers a form of insurance, which allows you to get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service you are being offered. iPage would refund to you the money collected from you for the months that have not elapsed.

Get Your Website up Quickly and Easily

iPage offers you a free domain name registration and migration/transfer for a whole year. They also offer you unlimited storage space and MySQL database.

iPage offers an easy and simple hosting option for your business and blog site. Even a newbie can get a website running on iPage within 15 minutes. Yes, the hosting platform is just that easy to use!

Enhanced Security

Every iPage hosting plan comes with a sitelock security suite. This feature prevents your site from being breached by scanning regularly against malware.

Most importantly, iPage backs up your website on a daily basis. So, you have the guarantee of retrieving your website in case any crash occurs

iPage is for Beginners

For experienced website owners, I would rather advise you went for an advanced dedicated server hosting in the range of $100 per month or higher.

Sadly, iPage does not offer Dedicated Server type of web hosting, which could have assisted to a great extent, with the trouble of multiple hosting – low-performance catastrophe.

But while you’ve settled in for an iPage hosting account, I would run you through how you can REALLY run your multiple accounts; I mean your very few multiple websites, on the IPage hosting account.

Hosting Services Offered by iPage

There are four basic types of hosting providers by hosting companies, which are

  • Shared hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Cloud hosting, and
  • Dedicated Server hosting

However, iPage provides just three of them:

iPage Shared hosting

iPage currently offers a single free shared hosting plan, called  ‘Essential Plan’. The plan comes with MySQL databases, an unlimited number of domains, unlimited storage, and bandwidth. It also comes with vast varieties of applications and WordPress site builders

This plan costs $1.99 per month on the first signup, and then $11.95 after a year.

iPage Dedicated Server

This plan offers a faster-operating speed, extensive security, mirrored storage for advanced data protection, maximum performance unaffected by the other users, and most importantly, an easy to use independent control features.

The plan costs $149.99 per month normally, and then a 20% discount is given on the first year subscription. Therefore, the first year subscription costs just $119.99.

VPS Hosting

With the provision of a free domain name, this plan offers advanced customization features, semi-private resources, cloud-based flexibility, and well-managed support.

The pricing for this plan depends on the type of websites you would be hosting. There are three major categories, that is:

  • Basic ($19.99 per month on the first subscription, and $24.99 on subsequent ones)
  • Business ($47.99 per month on the first subscription, and $59.49 on the subsequent ones)
  • Optimum ($79.99 per month for the first subscriptions, and $99.99 on the subsequent ones)

Hosting Multiple Websites on iPage

Almost every hosting company on the market nowadays offer multiple domain hosting. This is due to the very fact that almost every website owner out there would after some time need another website.

Another website would definitely warrantee an additional hosting service. Having a single hosting account would ensure that you can oversee all your websites from a single platform. You can monitor your several accounts simultaneously on a single interface. You can check out my article on Can You Host Multiple Websites on Your Hosting Account?

If however you’ve gone through what iPage really looks like, and you find it satisfactory as your domain hosting platform, there are three major steps to take to get your website hosting plan running:

  1. Update NameServers

Peradventure you had registered your domain name with another blog website, other than iPage; you’ll have to edit the nameservers on your domain name so that it conforms with iPage’s.

Nameservers are easy to edit. All you just have to do is log into your domain registrar account, and do the necessary editing via the account’s control panel.

The two major iPage servers are:

  1. Accessing Your iPage Account

After creating your iPage account, and fulfilling all the necessary obligations, you will be free to access your site easily. Just log in and find your way to the Domain Central.

  • Select the ‘Add Existing’ link
  • Enter your domain name and
  • Click on ‘Add’ to save

Under your Domain Central, you will see the new domain you just added indicated there. You can then continue with the necessary setup.

  • Click on the ‘More info’ section and select ‘Pointers’.
  • Select the ‘Subdirectory’ option and input a name you would easily remember, preferably a name related to your domain name.
  • You can then click on ‘Save’ to complete your subdirectory setup
  1. Access Your Control Panel

Once the subdirectory you just set up is showing on your ‘File Manager’ section, you are good to go with your control panel tweaking. You can add as many websites as you desire, following almost the same procedure.

I’ll admonish you to install your WordPress builder on your added domain immediately. You can do this via the one-click WordPress installation from the Mojo market.

Adding Multiple Domains to iPage Hosting Account

If you’ve already gotten an iPage account, and you wish to add another website, the process is quite simple and straightforward. The process is described in the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the control panel, and click on the ‘file manager’ link

Step 2: Select the ‘New Directory’ link, and enter your website name on the page that pops up

Step 3: On the drop-down menu, go to the ‘Domain’ section, and select the ‘Domain Pointing Manager’ link

Step 4: Here, you should see a comprehensive list of your already registered website domains.

Step 5: On the list where your new domain has been entered, navigate to its drop-down menu, and choose your desired subdirectory.

Step 6: Go back to the drop-down menu and select the ‘Points to Box’ tab.  Type the name of your new domain and click the save tab.

Step 7: On the drop-down menu again, choose the ‘FTP’ link from the ‘Website’ tab

Step 8: Create a new FTP account using the ‘Create New FTP account’ link.

Step 9: And finally, put your new domain name in the FTP, alongside your new username and password.

Get Started with iPage Now >>>

How to Build Your Website with iPage?

Although iPage does not have its own website builder application, it’s integration with Mojo marketplace makes it easy to build your website up. Mojjo marketplace provides a whole lot of prebuilt themes and templates to choose from.

iPage is also designed in such a way that it supports other varieties of site builders like WordPress and Weebly.


iPage hosting plan gives you an easy, comfortable, and affordable way of putting your website up on the internet. In short, iPage is a web hosting platform that allows for an unlimited number of domain names to be registered under their user’s single iPage hosting account, with absolutely little or nothing to worry about!

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