Can You Host Multiple Websites on NameCheap?


Most hosting web servers allow you to have just a single domain name on a single hosting account. Over time, you might have to open another website, and then another. It would, therefore, be tedious to start subscribing to a new hosting plan every time you decide to open a new website.

While you might have thought that for every one of the websites you own, you would need a separate hosting account for each, the truth is that with just a single account, you can manage them all.

NameCheap is an excellent hosting company that offers you a free domain name (of course, we should expect that from their name), and as well gives you the chance to host an unlimited number of domains on your hosting account

Having a single hosting account would ensure that you can oversee all your websites from a single platform. You can monitor your several accounts simultaneously on a single interface.

Once you find the right hosting plan that suits your multiple websites and sign up, you can easily keep a tab over your websites as well avoid wasting of money and time on individual website hosting plans.

Even on their cheapest hosting plan, NameCheap offers a multiple website hosting service. With their reliable and very rapid high performance, alongside their excellent support services, NameCheap is obviously very well suited for hosting multiple websites.

So, of course, you can host your multiple websites on NameCheap!

Overview of NameCheap

Although, I could have decided to concentrate majorly on the hosting services provided by NameCheap, however it would do us so much good to know what NameCheap is all about.

There are thousands of hosting companies out there to choose from. So many other options to choose from. So, why could we have settled for NameCheap?

In this article, I will analyse NameCheap in detail to help you determine if it really is the best plan or you. First, I will do a brief general overview on the NameCheap hosting company’s services.


  • One of the best attributes of NameCheap is their excellent customer service. They offer a live chat feature that is extremely reliable and works very fast
  • They offer impressively high security and privacy services
  • Their interface is quite easy to use and manage


  • Lack of phone support. Although their customer service is impressive, they lack the minor drawback of no phone support.
  • They may not be the best option when it comes to a flamboyant hosting plan. They do not offer that fancy extra that comes with most other hosting platforms

Security and Backup

Unlike many other hosting websites, NameCheap’s domain website has never been hacked. Despite this, NameCheap takes the matter of security with utmost seriousness by offering a privacy protection service in their hosting plans.

Every domain registered on NameCheap website gets a free first-year subscription to WhoisGuard privacy protection service. The renewal fee is, however, a token of $2.88 per year.

Namecheap offers a twice in a week free backup plan, unlike most of the other competitions out there. It is usually paid for on other hosting websites.

Although, it’s very safe to have your own backup, maybe a cloud backup, because a crash on a host company’s server, with whom you’ve put all your life, would kill you if you know what I mean!

Clean and Friendly Interface

NameCheap provides you with a clean, intuitive, and perfectly welcoming interface, with no flashing banners or aggressive, upsells. NameCheap account page is very easy to handle and navigate through.

The one-click installation WordPress feature that is provided also graces the host website with easy usage and multiple options interface. The clean version of WordPress that comes with no additional themes or plugins gives the site a warm and welcoming interface.

Great cCustomer Service

NameCheap offers excellent customer service. With their extremely reliable and fast working 24/7 live chat feature, their customer service is second to none.

They also provide for users a bunch of tutorial videos and guidelines on how to navigate your way through the site processes and precautions, and also some of the most common websites hosting complications

Affordable Around the Clock

Just like the name implies, NameCheap hosting plans come at rather low prices and have impressive support systems. They offer high performance and secure hosting service from just $10 per year.

NameCheap offers a discount of 75% for everyone that registers for the first year, and the renewal prices are also close to those offered by their cheapest competitions.

The three major plans offered by NameCheap are:

  • Baseline plan
  • Professional plan
  • Unlimited plan

Baseline Plan

You will get 20GB of storage space, unlimited bandwidth, and multiple websites (3 websites and up to 40 subdomains). You also get a one-click installation WordPress application and 50 MySQL databases.

This plan costs $10 for the first year, and then $39 for renewal.

Professional Plan

The storage space provided in this pan is 50GB. It supports about to 10 websites with about 100 subdomains. 100 MySQL databases and PostgreSQL are also offered as well.

This plan comes with a price of $20 for the first year, and then $79 for renewal.

Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan offers allowance for about 50 websites, with unlimited storage space. This plan is obviously the best plan for you if you intend managing a bunch of websites. The plan also comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, and also MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

The unlimited plan costs $30 for the first year, and then $129 for renewal.

Services Offered by NameCheap

NameCheap which started only as a hosting provider has since expanded to provide other domain managing services. Some of the major services offered services offered by Namecheap hosting provider in the hosting market are the following:

  • Domain registration
  • Domain migration
  • Personal website creation

Domain Registration

NameCheap offers as low as 0.88 cents introductory domain registration rates. Although, these are not the premium domains like (.com) but are something of the form of (.info), (.us), and the likes.

Domain Migration

You might probably have registered your domain on another website, and you would like to update your nameserver to NameCheap’s. NameCheap makes it very easy to pull off this migration. The steps to migrating your domain are well described below.

Personal Website Creation

With their articulate and easy to use offered web builders, you can create your own personal website with convenience and to your utmost satisfaction.

Setting up Your NameCheap Account

The very first step is to make sure you have a functioning domain name. If you had registered your domain on another hosting account, you can migrate it to your NameCheap hosting account.

To create your NameCheap account, you will have to enter some of your details, like your contact, email address, physical address, phone number, and so on. Authentication will be demanded from you in the form of phone verification and password.

A standard cPanel console is provided to manage your hosting account. Although not as beginner friendly as some other managers, the standard cPanel is fairly easy to use and figure out.

How to Host Multiple Websites with NameCheap

All NameCheap hosting plans offer you the allowance to host multiple websites on your single NameCheap account.

As a result, you do not have to purchase new hosting plans or be concerned about the need to migrate to another hosting plan when the need arises, for you to introduce new website domains.

In order to add new website domains to your hosting account, you need to create an add-domain. There are two crucial steps that you have to take. These are:

  1. Update NameServers

If your domain name is registered with another hosting company, you will have to point your domain to NameCheap’s nameservers. It’s only when your domain is pointed towards NameCheap’s account that your website can be hosted on NameCheap.

Nameservers are easy to edit. All you just have to do is log into your domain registrar account, and do the necessary editing via the account’s control panel.

The two major NameCheap nameservers are:

  • (This is suitable for Stellar, Stellar business, Stellar, Business, and Professional website types)
  • (This is suitable for Reseller hosting)
  1. Add your new domain to NameCheap

Add your domain name to the hosting account once the domain name is correctly pointing to NameCheap’s nameservers, we are good to go to tweak with the cPanel.

Step 1: Go to your cPanel and login

Step 2: On the drop-down menu, navigate to the ‘Domain’ section, and select the ‘Add Domain’ link

Step 3: Here, you will click on the ‘create an Add-on Domain should’ link, and fill up the necessary forms.

Step 4: Enter the new domain, subdomain, and the document root will be filled automatically.

Step 5: Check to create an FTP account associated with this domain option

Step 6: Fill up the forms that come up

Step 7: You can then save by clicking on ‘Add domain’


NameCheap offers a multiple website hosting service, even on their cheapest hosting plan. With their reliable hosting services, rapid processing, very high performance, and their excellent support services, NameCheap is apparently very suitable for hosting multiple websites!




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