Can You Host Multiple Websites on StableHost?


Hosting multiple websites isn’t as hard as it sounds. If you own multiple websites that need an efficient hosting provider, you arrived on the perfect article. That’s because we’ll talk about a popular and professional web hosting company called StableHost.

They offer hosting for multiple websites in many different hosting plans. Later in the article, we’ll see what their shared service has to offer in terms of multiple website hosting.

But before that, we should talk about what multiple website hosting really is. After all, without knowing the basics, it’s hard to find a reliable host who meets all our requirements.

Multiple Website Hosting

I mentioned above that hosting more than 1 website isn’t a hard thing to do. It might sound like a complicated procedure, but it really isn’t. Why do many think it’s difficult to have multiple websites hosted?

There’s a reason for that. Many people figure that if you own multiple websites, you should own multiple hosting accounts as well. Let me tell you, this statement isn’t true. You can host multiple websites in a single account. You don’t need to purchase a separate plan for each new site you’re launching.

But to be able to do that, you must choose the right hosting service. After all, not all hosting packages offer support for multiple websites in a single open account.

However, if you choose the right package, you can have even an unlimited number of websites available in that one hosting account. Does this sound too good to be true? Maybe it does, but it’s totally real.

When you sign up for the new hosting account, you’ll have an option to add a new website to it. In the control panel (with any host), you’ll have an option to add additional website to your account. Usually, this is a simple button, with the right text written on it. You shouldn’t miss it too easily.

Once you have multiple websites set up in your plan, you can easily switch between them with only a few clicks. This is an essential feature, because you want to be able to customize the right website. Also, it makes the management of the hosting plan much more efficient.

What is the main reason why people choose this method to host multiple websites? Maybe you guessed it already. Yes, it’s the price.

Just think about it! Let’s say you own 5 websites that all need hosting to go live on the web. You can go 2 ways with this:

First, you buy a new hosting plan for each of the 5 sites. If the plan costs a monthly $10, you end up paying $50/month in total for all 5 websites. That is $600 for a whole year.

However, there’s a second method. You could do a little bit of online searching, and find a plan that lets you host all 5 websites in a single package. If the plan costs the same $10/month, you’d end up paying only $10 each month for 5 websites in total. In one year, that’s only $120. Way less than before.

Picking the right method isn’t too complicated after seeing this example. I said that you should do some research to find a suitable hosting plan, that supports multiple websites.

Even so, I will help you with that. From this point on, we will talk about StableHost. We’ll see if they are suitable for hosting multiple websites in one account. Once you reach the end of the article, you’ll be able to pick the right plan for your personal needs.

StableHost for Multiple Websites

StableHost is known world-wide for its great hosting capabilities. They offer all types of hosting services, ranging from standard shared hosting, through reseller and VPS hosting, up until dedicated hosting.

We won’t cover all these hosting plans in our article. Because most people who own a website (or multiple ones), find the shared hosting service suitable for their needs, we will talk about this service.

But not only because others find it good for their needs. This service is a good choice for us too, because it comes with the chance to host multiple websites in a single account.

Maybe you know already that most companies who offer web hosting, are splitting up their service into multiple different plans. There are cheaper and more expensive plans of the same hosting service. This is the case with StableHost as well.

They have 3 separate shared hosting plans, each with their own features and pricing. The first one only lets you host one website using it. Because of this, we will skip that package, and talk about the second and third ones.

Both of these support hosting for multiple websites. I’ll talk about both of them separately, but before that, I will list the features that come included no matter the chosen package:

  • Unlimited disk space for storing your website data.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, so you can accept a big number of visitors at the same time.
  • Site builder tool.
  • Premium customer support 24×7 via email and live chat.
  • Script troubleshooting and fixing.
  • DDoS Protection.
  • 1-click installer. This feature will enable you to install lots of free web apps into your websites. One among them is WordPress, which is the most popular Content Management System on the globe. It’s good to know that StableHost gives you support for this software.
  • Enterprise level SSD drives and lots of RAM and dual CPUs. This hardware, especially the SSDs, will offer a much-needed performance boost for any website you host at this company. You can come out with up to 20x faster site loading speeds, than a traditional HDD could offer.
  • This is the industry standard control panel used by many hosts world-wide. Using it, you can add new domains and email accounts to your hosting plan in no-time. Of course, using it, you can manage all the other features that the plan will offer.

Yes, all the features listed above will come as a standard, no matter your chosen hosting plan. Now it’s time to talk about the 2nd and 3rd plan of shared hosting:

Pro of StableHost

Pro is the second shared hosting plan at StableHost. You can get it for a monthly $3.75. The company says that this plan is perfect for people who own multiple websites. Why?

Because using it, you can host an unlimited number of sites. Yes, you’ve read it right. For only $3.75 a month, you can have an unlimited number of websites in one account. Basically, this is the go-to plan for anyone who needs a simple but powerful hosting service that can handle multiple websites.

But other than this, what will you get for purchasing it? Let’s see!

For instance, the plan supports a maximum of 250,000 files, or INodes. For small to medium sized websites, this is more than enough.

Also, you get a full CPU core’s power to help you process all the request visitors will make while they’re on your website. The 25 MySQL database connections will help you keep your data organized.

Even if you own only one website, you expect it to be online all the time. With multiple website however, it could prove to be more difficult. StableHost assures a 99,9% uptime guarantee for every website hosted using this plan.

Platinum Plan

This is the ultimate shared hosting plan at StableHost. It comes for a monthly $28.50. Just like the previous plan, this one also lets you host an unlimited number of websites. But are there any differences? Of course!

For example, the plan comes with a feature called VIP Support. If anything comes up regarding your website or hosting plan, you get VIP help from the support team. They answer you much faster, and the solution also comes quicker.

The accounts per server are down to only 50, from 500 (the first and second plan). Why is this important? Because the plan is a shared hosting service. You are sharing the resources of a certain server with other users.

But because only 50 people will use the server you are using, the performance will raise quite a bit. Just do the math: you can get up to 10x better site performance, than with using the previous plan, where 500 people were using a single server.

And to help you process everything efficiently, StableHost is giving you 2 CPU cores, 50 MySQL connections and 500,000 INodes. Also, if your any of your sites gets hacked or compromised, the repair is handled by the support team.


Finally, let’s recap quickly what we talked about in today’s article: first, I told you that hosting multiple websites can be done easily, if you choose the right hosting service. It even costs less, than other solutions.

Next, we’ve seen that StableHost is more than capable of hosting an unlimited number of websites with any of the 2 shared hosting plans we covered.

If you have small to medium sized websites, the Pro plan will handle your needs quite well. However, for even more complex websites, the 3rd plan is needed.

You can make the right choice, if you think well about what you expect from a hosting plan. Also, don’t forget what your sites will need to work at their peak performance.

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