Can You Host Multiple Websites on WebHostingHub?


Why would you host multiple websites using the same service? There are at least 2 reasons for that. In this article we’ll talk about both of them.

Since you arrived on this page, I’m pretty sure you’re looking into hosting services. More exactly, you want to know if WebHostingHub is capable of hosting multiple websites using the same service. This is exactly what we’ll talk about later in this article.

WebHostingHub is an American company that’s grown big in recent years. They are famous for providing reliable hosting services for all types of needs. Later in the article, we’ll talk about how they work with hosting for multiple websites using their shared hosting plans.

But before that, I will tell you about the 2 reasons why you should host multiple websites in the same account.

Advantages of Using WebHostingHub for Multiple Websites

For one, hosting more than one website using a single service/account, is cheaper. Actually, this is the main reason why so many people choose to host their websites in one open account. Here’s an example for this:

Let’s say you have 5 websites that need hosting. You could go 2 ways with this:

The first is to sign up for a hosting plan with each website separately. If you do this, you could seriously overpay your hosting services. If you only pay $5/month for each plan separately, that is a monthly $25 in total only for keeping your sites alive on the internet.

But there is a better method. You could look for a hosting plan that supports 5 websites in it from the start. And if you make your research well enough, you could end up paying only $5/month for all 5 websites together. So, instead of paying $25, you can sign up for a hosting package and have 5 websites for only $5/month.

This is only an example, but I think you get the point.

The second reason for hosting multiple websites in a single account is about efficiency. But keep in mind, this only stands if you choose the right plan. Why? Because a simpler, more basic package won’t give you enough resources to host a big number of websites.

Think well about your specific needs, and you should choose accordingly. A bit later I’ll help you with that when I talk about the shared hosting capabilities found at WebHostingHub. But why is it efficient to host multiple websites using one service?

Because you’ll have everything in one place. You wouldn’t have to keep up lots of accounts open at multiple hosting companies. Just find the one that suits your needs, and go for it.

Most of the companies out there, including WebHostingHub, will give you access a control panel where you can manage your websites. But if you sign up for multiple accounts at different hosting providers, you’d have everything spread among them. That isn’t a very efficient way to manage your work.

Now that you know why hosting multiple websites in one account is actually a good thing, let’s see what does WebHostingHub offer you. We’ll take a look at the company’s shared hosting services:

WebHostingHub Multi-Site Hosting

Just like any other hosting provider, this company also offers multiple hosting capabilities. For instance, you could choose between standard shared hosting or WordPress hosting. This is great if you need a more specialized hosting service.

In our case however, we’ll talk about the standard shared hosting service that works for most people.

Maybe you know already that almost every company offers many separate hosting plans in the same category. This is the case with WebHostingHub too. They make available 3 different hosting plans in the shared section. I’ll talk about each of these separately.

But before that, you should know that every shared hosting plan at WebHostingHub supports more than 1 website. Even the cheapest plan, that we’ll start with.

Also, I will tell you what the pricing is for each plan. Keep in mind that the mentioned price will be the one for a 1-year sign-up. If you want to use the service for 2 or 3 years from the beginning, the price will drop significantly. So, let’s begin:

1. Spark Plan

Spark: This is the first plan that is present in the shared hosting section. You can get it for $6.99/month, for a 1-year sign-up period. But more important than the price, is what you get included. That’s what I’ll tell you about right now:

For start, I should mention that 2 websites are supported in this plan. Not too many companies give you the chance to host more than 1 website using their cheapest package. And one out the 2 sites can be created for free. Why?

Because they also give you a free domain name included in the plan. So, your first website is almost free to set up, if we don’t count the hosting itself.

What else is added to this package? A free SSL certificate, to ensure your websites are safe and secure from any hacker or outside threat. An SSL is a standard that is to be expected from any website these days. However, most other companies will charge you separately for having one.

WebHostingHub also gives you unlimited storage space, email accounts and bandwidth. This way, you can handle a big number of daily visitors.

To get your websites noticed quicker, they also add $150 of free advertising credits. These are used with search engines, like Google or Bing.

Free website transfer for 3 sites, auto-installed WordPress, hundreds of 1-click installs, SSH access, 25 sub-domains, 5 parked domains, free SSD storage (20x faster than HDD), 10 MySQL databases. These are all part of the first plan.

2. Nitro Plan

Nitro: Nitro is the second package that comes for a monthly $8,99. This plan is suitable for small businesses because it comes with better performance. Actually, it’s marketed as the best-value plan at WebHostingHub.

Like you’d expect, all the features and resources from the previous plan are present here as well. Though you do get some bonuses when compared to that.

For example, you can host an unlimited number of websites using this package. You’ve read that right. Not only 2 websites, but an unlimited number is available for hosting.

For such a number of websites, you sure need more resources as well. And WebHostingHub gives you just that. You get twice the processing power from the previous plan and the speed is also doubled (2GB of RAM AND 1.5Mb/s of Input/Output).

This plan also comes with the possibility to choose your own data center where you want your websites to be stored. This is quite important for a good reason. As a site owner, you must have a target audience, right? If your audience is located in the US, you should choose a data center located close to your target.

The same is true for any other situation. If you want people from Europe to visit your website, just choose a European server location. If you pay attention to this matter, your websites will be much faster when loading in the user’s browser window.

The plan is also coming with the On-boarding Process. This means that the team behind the platform, will walk you through the setup of your account using a personal on-boarding call.

3. Dynamo Plan

Dynamo: As the 3rd and final shared hosting plan, it is the most expensive. You’ll have to pay a monthly $10,99 fee, if you sign up for at least a year from the start.

The only significant difference with this plan, is the amount of processing power you receive. Compared to the 2nd Nitro plan, you’ll get 4x the processing power. This way a huge number of websites will work just fine using this package.

Also, you get an up to 30% discount for the web design services the host offers.

Now that you know what all 3 plans will give you, you should know something else too. If for some reason, you find your chosen plan to not work as you expected it, the company will give you a full refund.

But this is true only in the first 90 days from your purchase. Even so, 90 days are more than enough to test your hosting service. Just think that lots of other companies will only give you 30 or maybe 45 days of money-back guarantee.


So, what do you think? Is it worth hosting more than one website in the same hosting package? I gave you 2 compelling reasons why that’s the case.

Also, in this article we’ve seen why WebHostingHub is suitable to host multiple websites in one open account. I told you about the 3 shared hosting plans they offer, and I also listed some of the features needed to work with multiple websites efficiently.

Now all is up to you. To make the right decision, just think about what you want from a reliable hosting provider. And of course, consider if the plan is offering enough resources to power multiple websites, not just one.

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