Can You Host Multiple Websites on Your Hosting Account?


Identifying and registering a relevant domain name is very essential, but the website hosting company you also choose will go a long way in determining how far you’ll go in the blogging career. After this, you have the task of building your blog page layout.

But before you go ahead with building your page layout, do you know that you have to take your time, and choose carefully the kind of hosting subscription that would be best for you?

I personally would obviously not be contained within just three or fewer websites! And naturally, I would want the very best hosting plan. What then can I do to avoid spending much money on subscribing to different hosting website plans and wasting time moving from one hosting site to another to keep a tab over my numerous accounts?

Most people like myself have more than three domain names registered under their names. The knowledge is however lacked by most people on how they can host these numerous websites of theirs without breaking the bank.

Most hosting web servers allow you to have just a single domain name on a single hosting account. Over time, you might have to open another website, and then another. It would, therefore, be tedious to start subscribing to a new hosting plan every time you decide to open a new website.

While you might have thought that for every one of the websites you own, you would need a separate hosting account for each, the truth is that with just a single account, you can manage them all.

Once you find the right hosting plan that suits your multiple websites and sign up, you can easily keep a tab over your websites as well avoid wasting of money and time on individual website hosting plans.

You can, however, decide to stick to your one for one hosting plan if you only plan on owning just a single website. But keep it in mind that you might, after several years, have a change of mind, of adding some special additional websites to compliment your website, for advancement.

Sometimes, the multiple sites could be related to one another, and sometimes their subjects could be in no way related to one another.

Save Money With Multiple Website Hosting

With add-on domains, all you need do is just simply create add-on domains and split your existing account’s resources. You don’t need to bother yourself about purchasing an additional hosting account for each domain you operate.

Asides saving you your money, there are many other advantages to hosting your multiple accounts on a single server, some of them which include the following:

Proper Supervision of Your Numerous Sites

Having a single hosting account would ensure that you can oversee all your websites from a single platform. You can monitor your several accounts simultaneously on a single interface.

However, nothing could be so good, and not have its bad side. Putting all your eggs in one basket can be disadvantageous as well.

Putting all Your Eggs in a Basket

Any problem with your single hosting account is a disaster to your websites. Your websites will surely go down if your hosting website crashes. And any limitation on a particular hosting platform would surely limit your own multiple websites.

Therefore, it’s advisable you have your own backups of your website, as your web host might not have current backups.

SEO & Google Rankings

With the advent of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), having your website on different hosting servers might get you higher ranking with some of your websites. But you may not be so lucky to get a page-ranking boost when all your sites are packed in one host, and the host is just not good enough for the SEO. That could be a major limitation!

I have taken it personally upon myself to delight you with the very solution to the trouble of having to waste resources on multiple hosting subscriptions, with simple but cogent steps.

  1. Choose a web hosting package that includes add-on domains

Note that you would have to choose a single website hosting package that includes ‘add-on domains’ as a feature. It is advisable to pick a hosting website that has at least 60 add-on domains. And make sure you go for the one with the best-expected quality.

However, you would have to confirm if truly the site offers unlimited domains because some of them mislead their clients on the multiple domains offer. You will see whether this feature (add-on domain) is available on your web hosting control panel.

  1. Point your add-on domain name to the main hosting account

On this add-on feature, you can point additional domain names to a subfolder inside -the main domain name. This subfolder will be registered on the host’s server. The server will then be ready to accept incoming HTTP requests based on your domain name, and then those meant for the add-on domain name would be directed to the appropriate subfolders.

  1. Log in with the information sent by your website host

Immediately after signing up, you’ll receive login information, alongside the DNS server information from your host.

Click on the domain registry again, and change your DNS server settings to the one that was sent to you.

  1. Select the add-on feature of your desire on your hosting account’s cPanel

Click on Add-on Domains on the cPanel, located in the Domains section, and enter the website you wish to add to your hosting account. You will have to fill the following fields;

New domain name: Your desired website domain name should be entered into this box

Subdomain: When using cPanel, this is automatically updated. But do ensure to check if the FTP username is appropriate

Document Root: Ensure that your document root is in the appropriate place. The desired location for data from the add-on domain is entered into this box.

Password and rewrite password: In order to gain access to your account, you must enter a unique password. Choose a word you won’t lose easily, and then confirm the password!

Click on the Add domain button as soon as you’re done filling up the required fields. The newly generated domain will be seen. And you can choose to edit or delete it later.

If an error pops up on this interface, it implies that your hosting server does not enable this feature for your account, or there may likely be another problem. Ensure you contact your hosting website to report and resolve the problem before you continue.

  1. Go ahead with creating your website files, and upload

cPanel has made it quite easy to host more than one of your website domains on a single hosting account. The cPanel add-on domains feature makes it simple to manage multiple domains from a single hosting account. You can also create additional subdomain accounts for your add-on domains

Add-on domains, which is a special feature on cPanel allows you to manage these multiple sites from your hosting account. Add-on domains are entirely different website domains hosted alongside the main cPanel site domain in the cPanel account.

Add-on accounts, like subdomains, are stored in a subdirectory in the home directory. You may specify the name and precise location of the subdirectory of the add-on domain. Visitors on the add-on domain will be directed to this directory.

I would suggest the following website hosting servers to you as some of the best out of the numerous servers out there;

InMotion Hosting

This hosting server offers a free domain name, alongside a free premium BoldGrid page builder. InMotion hosting offers unlimited disk storage. They have zero-downtime website transfers, and you have absolute control over your website. The starting price is $3.99.


Bluehost offers also a free domain name registration and site building tools. As a plus to this, you can get additional domains, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidths, and emails.  Bluehost offers a reliable and excellent domain hosting with 24/7 support and a PPC credit of $150. The starting price for Bluehost is $2.95.


iPage offers a free domain name registration and transfer. They also offer unlimited disk space and MySQL database. Room for unlimited domains is also provided. They offer you a hundred dollar in SEM credits and a hundred dollars towards Google AdWords. The starting price for the iPage is $1.99.


Can I install WordPress on my add-on domain?

Yes. You can also install other apps on your add on using the Softaculous App Installer in your cPanel.

What are the prerequisite necessities before creating an add-on domain?

Although not necessary, updating the DNS of your domain in order to resolve to the host server is a very good idea. Ascertain valid IP address for your domain.


  • If you sign up for a year or more than a year subscription, there will be huge savings
  • For extra features in each of the domain you want to host, you can consider subscribing to a reseller web hosting. This package allows you to create separate hosting accounts for each domain name. Reseller web hosting comes very cheaply.

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